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Through Living Proof Life, Tammra Broughton inspires people around the world to initiate positive action and step whole-heartedly into their lives. She lives and breathes the values of love, health, honesty, compassion, freedom and absolute joy. Trained extensively in holistic nutrition, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, counselling and more, Tammra will guide you to achieve rapid, break-through results that will allow you to be living proof of the powerful source-energy inside that connects us all.

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Interactive Online Webinar 4 Week E-Course - Every Thursday Eve - Starts June 5th: TRANSFORMATIONAL NUTRITION 101 ~ BREAKING ALL THE RULES!

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2 Day Workshop  - May 24th,  25th:


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TamTalks in Salmon Arm for The Questers
July, 16th 7-9pm Location TBA ~ Free

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Tammra is one of the most dynamic women I have personally had the honour of getting to know over the past year. She is a talented radio show host, writer, visionary and speaker. Her wisdom as a producer, creator and participant of many different consciousness-raising events and processes has made her a well-known icon in the Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler communities. I'm excited to see what is next for Tammra and know that whatever she does, it will be done with passion and conviction. Look out world, here she comes! Karen McGregor International Speaker & Facilitator, Intuition Expert


Read What People Are Saying About Tammra...

I'm Sticking With It!

" I had previously tried everything available and nothing had the effect that I have found from Living Proof Nutrition... Tammra has the tools, knowledge and enthusiasm to help you be your very best.   My only regret is that I didn't start with her much sooner! "    - Louise, Langley BC    Read Louise's Full Testimonial

I'm Not A Medical Chart!

"Tammra is extremely thorough, and is always giving me pointers ... She took a very personal and professional approach to my heath and lifestyle and guided me in a way I didn't think was possible...Because of Tammra I have learned a lot about me as a whole, not just a medical chart..."  - Kristen Ringheim, Sayulita Mexico  Read Kristen's Full Testimonial

The Perfect Weight Program!

"Tammra’s holistic approach and compassionate nature got me back into those dam jeans and helped me realize how important it is and how easy it is to be healthy.  I feel great...  Thank you, Tammra for your support and guidance.  You were a treasure to stumble upon..."  - Chelsea Tetrault - Golden BC  Read Chelsea's Full Testimonial

An Opportunity to Feel Better!  

"I found Tammra extremely professional and knowledgeable with her services. At no point in time did I feel pressured to follow up on any of her suggestions rather I looked forward to the opportunity to start feeling better - and once I started upon the regime as suggested by Tammra - I started to feel much better! I would not hesitate to recommend her services - and have done so many times".  - Bette- Lou Brown - Golden BC

Dear Tammra

I cannot let this time pas without telling you the effect our NLP sessions have had on my life.
Each time we have met, my being has release and embraced... has let go and opened... has reached out to something beyond me. What I have come to know is that the something beyond me, is really something within me. Its not out there. It's in here!  How freeing this feels.

To explore the concept  of time, free from constraints of my own making, to understand my relationship with time as a spiritual one, is to find a refreshing way to live each day to the fullest.
Thank you for holding space and offering the process in which I could uncover and realize my truths. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me!

Sincerely Pat Robinson ~ Grandmother, Expressive Arts Teacher & Journal Writer

 Truthful and Realistic Desires

"After several episodes of stomach problems which also triggered a leave of absence from work, Tammra looked at the physical facts I provided her with, and helped me not only improve my nutrition, but her contributions also helped me to heal my mind allowing me to move forward again, in a positive direction. I really learned about the power of thought and how to re-source what I already had in the center of my being."... Read Marie-France's Full Testimonial

 Total "I LOVE MYSELF" Break-Through!

 For ten years I have known Tammra to be an amazing and effective leader and communicator to myself and many other of my friends who are lucky enough to be a part of her life. She has a fun yet professional personality that made it easy for me to open up to her during our sessions. I feel truly blessed to have been able to employ her years of experience as an NLP coach as my guide to healing.

Recently, Tammra led me to my breakthrough moment; a moment I have been waiting for for over half my life. With Tammra's relentless commitment to my well-being, she supplied me with the faith and courage I needed to uncover the events in my past that had shaped my subconscious mind in such a destructive way.

Today I am a new person, not only with a renewed zest for life, but a trust that my future will take on a long, vibrant path of health and happiness!
Read Stefanie's Full Testimonial


I really enjoyed the high positive energy... the fun... the blessed honesty and the gifts from all the speakers i received from being a part of this sacred event... the biggest highlight for me was that Tammra included the 'opening and closing ceremonies" facilitated by Pulxaneeks Love, who sooo lovingly created a safe and sacred space of heart for all of us - including this is always important to me and moved me and i know others deeply... Thank you Tammra for your grrreat big heart - for having the grounded courage to share your story with us - you rock ! Carol Weaver,
Shamanic-Reiki Healing Artist / Musician

"I love doing all the activity that we did. I thought that it was a great way to turn are complaints and fears into something positive. I love the opportunity to be in a safe place to be open and honest, and a place to grow. I love everything about Tammra, she is a woman to look up to, a person I want in my life, someone to learn from, someone that is honest, and growing and want to make a difference and is. The price is a amazing and well worth the time. I like that it's more than a CD or a book. It's live interaction and accountability. Anyone that want to change their belief system and change there life with the first step or the 100th step would love this."
Kish Pedersen - Real Estate Agent

"I personally really enjoyed "30 Days to Change".It was really neat to see how changing just one simple thing in your life can make a difference.I now have tools to help me in manifesting what I truly desire.I will now practice desire statements and recognize abundance in my life! Thank You Tammra for all of your help, you Rock! I am so grateful that you are sharing your ability to make a difference in the lives of others."

Yours in Gratitude, Stacey MacDougall - Health Care / Nurses Aide

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