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"The proper function of nutrition is to correct the supply of natural foodstuffs to provide the body with sufficient nutrient requirements to maintain good and vigorous health and to restore this state when a lapse has occurred".


Business History

Living Proof Nutrition (LPN) is a sole proprietorship which has been in business since March of 2006, and is operated by Tammra Broughton (RNCP / ROHP / MNLP). Living Proof Nutrition offers personal consultations and assessments of nutrition and lifestyle to individuals as well as offering group assessments and workshops to organizations.

Vision and Mission Statement

Living Proof Nutrition educates through consultation and  guidance about holistic nutrition. Using a value based  approach our mission is to promote optimum health and healthy living practices that are in alignment with all life on the planet.   

Nourish ~ Believe ~ Achieve

Find out what body systems are most out of balance through a Living Proof Program. Each of us are unique and at every stage throughout life the body requires nutritional and lifetsyle adjustments.

Together we can find the best course of action to balance your Mental, Dietary & Lifestyle Habits and monitor your progress as we go along. 

Prevention is the key to optimal healthy living. 

Holistic nutrition involves focusing on the whole person to stimulate natural healing.

A RNCP / ROHP may also suggest such modalities as, Homeopathy, herbs, supplements, NLP, EFT, massage, yoga / fitness, computerized health testing and / or life coaching which are other non-invasive methods of health practice designed to stimulate and maintain the body's intrinsic self-healing processes. 

Common Conditions in which a Holistic Nutritionist can help you with...







Bladder Problems

Candida / Yeast Infections / Imbalance / Thrush

Cholesterol Conditions


Crohn's & Colitis



Dry Skin / Eczema

Gallbladder conditions



High Blood Pressure



Irritable Bowel (IBS)

Kidney Stone conditions




PMS / Menopause

Prostate Conditions


Thyroid Conditions


Skin / Hair Conditions

Interview with: The Force Gazette:                                                                            Oct. 2006

Mind Yer Business

Tammra Broughton is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the mind behind Living Proof Nutrition. Tammra has made Golden her home since 1997. In 2004 – 2005 Tammra attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Calgary where she attained her Certificate of Natural Nutrition. Tammra is an avid snowboarder, she loves the outdoors, music and theatre. She says that she has always been intrigued by the human condition.

Living Proof Nutrition offers personal consultations and assessments of nutrition and lifestyle. Information for the assessments is gathered through a process of Nutri-Systems profiling - a survey of physical attributes/ailments, an overview of the clients current lifestyle and diet as well as a look into the clients family history.

“It is like detective work.” Tammra says of the profiling process, “Once all of the information is collected from the client you can see patterns and trends.”

With each assessment Tammra will provide clients with a program – a series of recommendations and advice focusing on but not limited to nutrition. Living Proof’s recommendations are made from a holistic standpoint or the idea that in health, everything is connected - from the food that a person consumes to the way that they eat it, to an individual’s daily routine, the people around them, their level of stress and their sleeping patterns.

“It is more than just nutrition. The holistic approach takes into account the mind, body and spirit.”

Tammra plans to use her business to reach out to health practitioners as well as outlets of health food and supplements, organic food producers / distributors, alternative medicine, mental health and fitness professionals to create a directory for her clients.

"My goal is to help people help themselves to improve and maintain wellbeing. Clients can use my recommendations along with their doctor, pharmacist and other health practitioner to support health and recovery from injury or illness as well as prevent.”

Tammra also points out that her program is not a diet in the conventional sense of the word. “I don’t want to see people becoming obsessive about food. Sometimes during a consultation people are a little embarrassed about what they have been eating – potato chips etc. but there is no judgment. My method is about balance. There shouldn’t be any suffering to get there. I would like to see people take control over what they eat and how they eat it. The proper function of nutrition is to correct the supply of natural foodstuffs to provide the body with sufficient nutrient requirements to maintain good and vigorous health and to restore this state when a lapse has occurred. I can recommend clean whole-foods, whole-food supplements (condensed / living food) and better lifestyle choices. Creating a nourishing and flexible relationship with the mind, body and spirit / soul will be a part of the pciture of optimal health.”

Tammra is available for group consultations as well. She held her first workshop for the Golden Walking Club and will participate in lifestyle workshops with Mike Pecora (Elite Nutrition - Golden BC). Tammra hopes to do more work with groups and businesses, she feels that wellness in the workplace is a great way to promote productivity and prevent sick-days.

Living Proof Nutrition has been in operation since March 9th, 2006 - present.

Tammra has worked in health food stores for the past 12 years. Early on she

realised that she wanted to learn more about the products that she was representing, and how they work together. This interest eventually compelled her to go back to school.

“When you are recommending products you want to make sure that you are well educated and informed about them. It is important to know the products that you are representing and believe in them.”

Through Living Proof Nutrition Tammra hopes to encourage people to eat food the way it was intended (clean, whole, unprocessed) and to use products without chemicals.
“Chemicals only started to enter our food about 80 years ago. It is this new, convenient, brain-washed, fast way of eating that has disease amongst our family and friends sky-rocketing.”

Tammra is a firm believer that simple food choices can make a world of difference in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“If you have any symptom - such as blemished skin, dry hair, brittle fingernails, aching muscles, then, indeed nutrients  are missing (chemical imbalance) or they aren't being absorbed properly. 

Perhaps you are reacting to something that is in conflict with the natural process of the body, like a chemical or a herb or yes, even your
foods. Rather than taking a product that might mask or suppress their problems, I challenge my clients to discover the root of their problem and then try to correct it through establishing a better relationship with food and consider using whole-food supplementation. We also take a look at how daily habits and emotions are involved with these symptoms (i.e. stress can interfere with how nutrients are absorbed etc.).”

Tammra’s ultimate goal is "to help others help themselves and to ultimately improve the human condition through education". She also learns a great deal about herself through this process.

She is grateful for the support that she has already received from the community and the interest in Living Proof Nutrition.

“So far the responses from clients have been great! I have heard everything from ‘People have been telling me my skin glow's’ to ‘Thank-you! I have normal poops again!’”

The information provided by this website is general in nature and is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace or substitute the evaluation, judgment, diagnosis, and medical or preventative care of a physician, pediatrician, therapist and/or health care provider. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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