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When I first met Tammra, I was new to Golden.  Her vibrant personality and seemingly boundless energy sold me – I wanted to feel that good!

I signed up for her “12 Week Perfect Weight Program” with the hopes of shedding the 20 lbs. that, once again, had crept up on me.  I was interested in a healthy diet but mostly wanted to get back into my size 29 jeans!  By the time I arrived at my first appointment, she had already done an impressive amount of research on me and was ready with a few simple suggestions to get me started.   Each week she shared more knowledge about nutrition with me but managed to present it in a way that didn’t overwhelm me. 

Tammra is very humble in her position and is keen to research any new things that might be brought to her attention.  If she couldn’t answer my questions on the spot she made sure she had the answers before we met again.  She’s always learning too.

Tammra kept me motivated with constant feedback.  I left our appointments each week with a clear understanding of what I had accomplished and precise instruction on what to do next.  

Tammra genuinely cares for her clients.   Her goal is that our new lifestyle be easily sustainable long after we have completed the program.  

As early as our third appointment she noted that there were several reasons for my consistent weight fluctuations. Tammra not only personally took the time to walk me through some mental exercises to clarify those fluctuations, but she referred me to someone else who could help me.   I became aware of why I had struggled to maintain a healthy weight.  

Tammra’s holistic approach and compassionate nature got me back into those dam jeans and helped me realize how important it is and how easy it is to be healthy.  I feel great. 

Thank you, Tammra for your support and guidance.  You were a treasure to stumble upon.

Chelsea Tetrault - Golden BC

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