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"If anyone knows who I am, they know that 4 years ago I went back packing in Latin America and had a terrible, life changing experience. I was hospitalized and suffered a massive allergic reaction which has affected my liver for life. This past September, I booked a trip to Mexico for three months, desperately wanting to get back into the travel game. Of course there were some health concerns so I went to visit my good friend Tammra to see if there was anything I could do to make things go smoothly, health-wise. Well, WAS THERE EVER!!!

Tammra spent the extra time to research the things that would be safe for me, and set me up on a program that allowed me to have a completely PERFECT trip. I did all the things in Mexico that everyone fears...I drank the tap water, ate at the taco stands on the side of the road and I ate cold seafood.

Tammra is extremely thorough, and is always giving me pointers. She took a very personal and professional approach to my heath and lifestyle and guided me in a way I didn't think was possible.

Thanks so much Tam!!!! You made traveling outside of modern places a wonderful experience for someone who thought they might not be able to do it. Because of Tammra I have learned a lot about me as a whole, not just a medical chart, and will have lots of traveling excitement in the future!"

Kristen Ringheim - Sayulita, Mexico / Golden BC

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