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Truthful and Realistic Desires After several episodes of stomach problems which also triggered a leave of absence from work, Tammra looked at the physical facts I provided her with, and helped me not only improve my nutrition, but her contributions also helped me to heal my mind allowing me to move forward again, in a positive direction. I really learned about the power of thought and how to re-source what I already had in the center of my being.   I also learned my metabolism speed, lean body mass, how to do food combining. I also know now, that I am a protein person,  the supplements I can take for my specific needs and how to use them. I am happy to report that I finally know how to really nourish myself mindfully. I read a daily desire statement that I created twice with, Tammra, and that realize that when I focus on these truthful and realistic desires, that they really do come true.   I now know that I have a precious inner strength, an intuition worth paying attention too, that I am a protein girl and can still perform actively beyond my expectations, enjoying the moment and how important it is to eat my meals mindfully.   I now feed myself with new foods, ie quinoa, I combine protein and vegetables daily.  The sources of the carbs I now eat are less refined.  I also eat raw foods daily.    I would highly recommend Tammra’s services especially if you are interested in Nutrition and Neuro linguistic practices. Tammra has been my tour guide through this personal process of transformation since 2006. Marie-France Auberge Bed & Breakfast
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