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DOWNLOAD THIS WISE EVALUATION FORM and return it to the email provided within the form. Please read the directions carefully within this file.

$95 + Tx (included for free in our Living Proof Life Packages / Programs )

The WISE Wellness Indicator / Symptom Evaluator Graph - after our first coaching call you will receive your graph with a summary of our coaching call and recommendations. These forms can also be given to your Health Practitioner (please make sure we have explained what the graph means first and you have the summary). Feel free to have them contact me for any further questions. This graph will be returned to you as a file attachment in your email and will be provided with a few tips and recommendations to get you started on your health journey once we have completed a coaching call.  

Please note: The graph and summary will not be returned to you if your information and file are not filled out correctly. Thank you.

The WISE Health Evaluation Description:

It has been a long time since someone has developed a tool that Health Professionals can use with ease, that can be emailed, completed in hard copy, as well as on the computer...and delivers results like the WISE Analysis. 

WISE is great Health Evaluation Software that is accurate, simple for clients to complete, relevant and comprehensive. WISE offers that and more. 

The WISE Analysis offers results for the following health factors:

  • Heavy metals
  • Mineral deficiency
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Hydration
  • Gland/organ balance
  • Digestive issues
  • Lifestyle factors (exercise etc.) as well as pathogenic stress (candida, parasites) and much more.

After 25 years of combined experience in the Health, Personal Training and Nutrition fields, Jennifer Hough and Beth Gorbet knew it was time to create a practical tool that efficiently and masterfully helped them pinpoint the root cause of health issues.  Having watched thousands of clients suffer through difficult and  long questionnaires only to provide inconsistent answers, their frustration spurred the creation of an assessment tool that is in a league of its own.  The WISE Analysis really does have it is what Jennifer and Beth now use in their practices, and they would never go back.

Beth Gorbet RNCP, and Graphic Designer is an author, speaker and Holistic Nutritionist with a knack for thinking outside the box, and attention to meticulous detail. 

Jennifer Hough CNC CPT HBA is an author, practitioner, and the founder of "The Practitioner Mentorship Course" and "The Vital You", one of the largest Nutrition Counseling/Personal Training Clinics in Canada.

The Wellness Indicator and Symptom Evaluator (W.I.S.E.) has many beneficial characteristics:

  • Non-redundant, concise, user friendly approach
  • Specific clear language with no medical jargon
  • Evaluation can be emailed with ease
  • Simple sliding scale for grading the symptoms/indicators
  • Results are in graph format and organized in a way that makes your next steps obvious
  • Graph can be printed
  • In addition, the 65 health factors are averaged to give you a profile of 15 Body Systems (Circulation, Immunity, Stress Quotient, Digestive System etc.)


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