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A number of insurance companies cover nutritional consultations. 

Other plans that allow employees to use their alotted funds for complementary health services are known within the insurance industry as "Flex Plans" as the name suggests these plans allow more flexibility to the employee.

Some school boards, for example, offer specific benefit coverage for holistic nutritionists. The employee is given $400 to $1000 per annum to spend on any complementary health services they require such as acupuncture, homeopath, or nutrition.

Please check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.  If you do not have coverage, please express your support for this service to your employer.  

Many insurance companies will cover the cost of 
nutritional consultations when your receipt is accompanied by a doctor's referral.

Tammra Green's RNCP Registration # is: RP06-920

Download the "Expression of Interest for RNCP Coverage" for your employer or insurance company. DOWNLOAD THE LETTER

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